Friday, November 9, 2007

Mom's wild ****

Hello friends, i am Bashu here and i am gonna tell the hot fling that between my mom and a nasty guy at my rural village. when this happend, i was 11 years old but i still remember it clearly. i am the only son of my parents. my dad is a business man and my mom was a housewife. Besides my parents, the only relative i had was my blind grandma living at my dad's birth village. my grandma was home sick and refused to leave the village. so, she stayed there with a maid. the fun began when the maid had to leave for some reason. now, about my mom, my mom's name is pramita and she is the best looking woman i have ever seen in my life. she was a professional dancer so she maintained a lovely figure. After my birth, she quit dancing and became the perfect housewife. her skin was milky white and her hair was pitch black that covered her entire back. she has very pretty lips which anyone can kiss forever. her ass is big and round. she used to wear saris and that made her butt more beautiful. it was the perfect match with her lusty figure. Although she maintained a lovely figure, the sign of her age could be found on her belly. she had a little touch of fat on her belly which made her even more sexier. But her greatest weapon would be her breasts. they were huge. the blouses would do a poor job of covering them because of their big size. they were like juicy coconuts. the sight of her clevage would make anyone mad. i always wondered how she danced with those things on her. maybe that's why she was so famous among my dad's friends. She was a 41 year old sex bomb. Still, she maintained a very ideal life.

Now, let me jump to the main stuff. One day, we got a letter from my grandma telling that she needed someone to look after her for a month as her servent had to leave for a month. my dad asked my mom to do that. my mom was more happy to do that. she and grandma always had a special bond. As it was my holiday, my dad told me to go with her. so one fine morning we left for our village. our village house was ok. it was made of bricks. the only problem it had was that the bathroom was not attached to the mainbuilding. so if someone need to do something they have to go out of the house. with our house a friend of my grandpa called ramesh lived. he was very friendly with us and was a good family friend. his wife passed away and her two son lived abroad, He was all alone. a was a rich mam and had influence over the village.he used to come to my grandma's place a lot. his house had a joining door with my grandma's house as my grandma used to live alone. when we arrived there, he was quite happy to see us.

ramesh: "ahh, at last all of you have come, i missed you all. welcome home."

dad: "thank you chaha. hope you are doing all right ?"

ramesh: " yes my boy, i am are you pramita ? "

mom: " i am fine ramesh ji "

now when ramesh was talking to my mom, he was looking at her in a different way. Although my mom and dad didn't notice, i looked at his eyes and saw that they were stuck at my mom's boobs. More importantly, i saw a bulge on his dhoti. At that moment, i just ignored it and went inside the house with everyone. Grandma was very pleased to hear us. After dinner we all got together to do a little chat. Grandma was talking about the bathroom problem. As it was not attached with the main building, it was very hard for my grandma to use it. My dad told grandma that he would make an attached bathroom for her very soon. We stayed up untill 10 pm and we chatted with ramesh uncle. At 11pm rameseh left our house and we went inside our rooms. My mom and grandma was staying together in one room but me and dad slept on the blacony as it was very hot. My dad went to sleep instantly but as it was a new place for me, i was having trouble going to sleep. My dad started to snore loudly. Man, this guy can really sleep. He wouldn't wake up even if an atom bomb explode around him. I was awake and was looking at the sky. It was a very beautiful night. Who knew that the most remarkeable event of my life was about to happen that night ?

After about two hours , i heard the sound of gradma's door opening. it was my mom in a lovely yellow sari. man, she was a sex bomb. I guess she was going to the toilet. She came near to me and checked whether i was sleeping or not. My mom was very caring of me and it would make me mad if she finds out that i was awake. So, i pretended to be asleep. She came near me annd kissed me on my forehead. Then she got up and started walking towards the bathroom. i got up and watched her as she was going to the toilet. Everything was normal. Just that moment i saw a very weird thing. Ramesh was hiding behind the big mango tree besie the toilet. I was sure that he was upto something and my instinct told me that something was about to happen. I decided not to wake up my dad and.i was wondering why he was hiding like that but i got my answer pretty quickly. As soon as my mom entered the bathroom he came out behind the tree and took place behind the toilet wall. I was watching very carefully as he was looking towards us. After sometime, mother got out of the toilet. As she turned her back to lock the bathroom door,ramesh jumped on her back and put his hands on her mouth. My mom was about to shout but he was too strong for her. He kept one hand on her mouth and he wrapped around her belly with the other hand. he told her something and my my mother stopped fighting. ramesh had an evil smile on his face. He told my mom to walk. he was still holding herfrom behind and in the shinning moonlight, i saw a knife on his hand. He was smelling her hair like a dog. My mom looked at us helplesly. They entered remesh's house through the joining door. Now, i got up and started to follw them. Ramesh's house was bigger then ours. He took my mom upstairs. i was staying in the shadows and following them. ramesh took mom to a room and locked it from inside. i quickly followded them and stood behind the door. I heard my mom cry. There was a small hole on the window and light was coming through it. I peeped through the hole and saw the most sexiest scene in my life. My mom was in ramesh's arms and ramesh was trying to kiss her face. mom was trying her best to avoid her ugly lips but it was a hopeless try. He planted a number of moist kisses on her beautiful sexy face. After some time, he pushed mom onto the bed. Surprisingly the bed was covered with flowers. It was decorated for a shohug raat.

Ramesh: Stop fighting pramita, if you do as i say, there will be no problem.

Mom: what are doing rameshji, i am like your daughter. Please release me or i will tell everything to my husband.

Hearing this, ramesh started to laugh loudly.

Ramesh: you will tell your husband ? well, what if your husband never wakes up from sleep my lovely ?

Mom: what are you talking about ?

Ramesh: Listen Randi, if i want, my men can burn down your house in an instant. I am the most powerfull around here. No one can touch me. So cooperate with me or your son and hunband is done for, understand ?

Hearing this, mom started to cry. Ramesh was such a perverted asshole that he started to laugh. He then came near to mother and hugged her again. This time mom was really silent. Ramesh held her face to admire her beauty. He looked at her with lust and planted some passionate wet kisses on her lovey lucious lips. He started to lick her whole face. I was getting aroused to see this hot action. My modest mom was sucked by an ugly, fat black man. While kissing, he started to squeeze her ample buttock. His hands started to roam on my mother's sexy butt. Her ass was too big and round for his hands to cover. As this position was not suitable for ass roaming, he bent down and kept his mouth on her big ass. He started to smell her ass area and was giving small, lusty bites on her ass globes. Mom was trying to keep his head from her ass but it was of no use. He wraped her belly with his hands and was smooching her buttock. After 15 minutes of ass loving, we went up and went for her boobs. This time, he didn't try to bite her boobs, he started to squeeze her breasts. My mom's breasts were so big that one hand wasen't enough for one breast. He then used both of his hands to feel her boob completly. He held each boobs a number of time. Finally he gave a little bite to each boob and released her. He stepped back a little and with a swift motion, removed the dhoti from his body. He was completly nude. Her chest was covered with white hair. His belly was huge and ugly but tthe thing scared my mom was his cock. It was almost 10 inch long and was fully erect. It was pointing towards my mom. He started to massage his cock and sat on the bed. Then he told my mom something really weird.

Ramesh: Pramita, go the bathroom, you will find some clothes there. Wear it with your mangal sutra and don't try to escape or anything. There is no window there. Hahahaha.

Hearing this, mom entered the bathroom. She was soobing quietly. She knew that there was no escape. This ugly mad man is gonna make full use of her. As mother went inside the bathroom, ramesh got up and inserted a cassette into the player and took a bottle form the table. The sign of victory was all over his face. He drank a little from the bottle. My mom came out from the bathroom and i couldn't believe what i saw. She was dressed in a red saree. She looked like a newlywed wife. She was looking damm sexy. The sight of my sexy mom seemed to freeze ramesh. He just started at her for a moment. My mom was completly silent.

Ramesh: come to me my bahu.

Mom: please rameshji, please don't do this. Please i beg of you.

Ramesh: Shut up randi, look at my cock. This is hard just because of you. I will enjoy every inch of yor body my darling. Now come to me, i won't say it again.

Mom came near him and stood at the edge of the bed. Ramesh got a up and put his face on her lovely fleshy belly. He agian started to feel her ass. He then started to kiss those sexy pieces of flashes around her belly. He inserted his toungue on her bellybutton and was sucking very hard. Although my mom was completly against everything, her body was not listening to her mind. Her eyes became closed as she was receiving this love treatment from this ugly man. Ramesh then again kissed her ass globes ,breats and finally kissed her lips again. He then released her and leaned against the wall. He started the player and a hindi song started to play.

Ramesh: Pramita, i once saw you dance my love and that was the beginning of my lust for you. How did you manage to dance with such big ass and those round boobs, tell me ?

Mom : Please rameshji.

Ramesh: I bet all your husband's friend wanted to **** you right ? How many of them have you ****ed ?

MOm was really silent now.

ramesh: Tell me randi, how many guys have sucked on your lovely tits ?

Mom: I only have my husband as my lover. No one has done anything to me besides my husband.

Ramesh: Really ? i don't believe It. How the hell your husband satisfy such a piece of sex goddess like you ? Well, truth or not, get ready to get the **** of your life. But we will do that later. Now dance for me my Randi.

Mom was out of words and stared at ramesh. Remesh again told her to dance. As there was no choice, my mom started to move a little. Her ass was sawing like crazy and ramseh was looikng at her with his mouth was open. Her jiggly breasts actually made him drollng. My mom was looking too hot. Even a dead man would get eraction by looking at my mom dancing. Her big coconut shaped boobs were jumping in a rythmic motion. They would jump up and down or sideways. The blouse mom had to wear was too small for her love ballons. They did a poor job of covering her boobs. Suddenly ramesh called her. As mom went near him, he pulled off her saree in a swift motion. Mom was in her Saree and peticoat. Mom tried to cover her boobs with her hands ramesh just overpowered her and freed her boobs from mom's hand wall. Ramesh stick his face in between her breasts and started to smell her boobs. Mom had her eyes closed the whole time. Ramseh was again giving small bites on her boobs. The blouse became all wet from his saliva. I think there wasen't any part left on my mom's boobs that ramesh hasen't sucked. Ramesh kept on biting her tits for good 15 minuter and then again told her to dance. My mom was in a dence. She couldn't believe that this was happenning to her. This time ramesh told her to pay more attention on her ass. Mom started to move her ass in a very seductive way. Ramesh was stroking her penis very hard. This dance show was becoming too much for him. Suddenly he got up from the bed and stopped the player. My mom stopped dancing. Sweat was covering her whole body. Ramesh then sat on a sofa near the bed and told mom to come forward. Again, as mom came near him, he did his best to feel her boobs and ass sucking and squeezing away. Finally he planted some wet kisses on her lips and told her to bent on her knees. Mom knew what was coming and there was sign of fears on her lovely eyes.

Ramesh: You danced quite lovely my dear. Now your reward is my dick. Suck on it real good.

Saying this, he held her head and pushed it forward towards his dick. His 10 inch penis was inch away from her lips. He then started to tease her with his dick. He touched her eyes with his dick head. His dick's head was shinning with precum. He then kept his penis on her lips and started to move in a circular motion. After doing this sometime, he finally rested her prick and gave it a little push. My mom had to open her mouth widely to accommodate his huge tool. Ramseh gave a loud moan of pleasure. First he held his dick in that position for a while. My mom was trying to stop him by holding his hands but it was of no use. He simply pushed his cock and more of the meat entered her mouth. Half of the cock was in and moms mouth was fully streached. He then withdraw his tool and pushed it again. He started to mouth **** her. He held her head and started to push it back and forth. I guess with was giving him much pleasure because wit every stroke of his cock in my moms mouth, he would give out a loud moan. Mom was having a hard time to keep pace with ramesh's vicious storkes. She was actually gagging and was trying her best to stop him. But ramesh was too powrful and was filled with lust. He simply ignored her weak protest and kept on mouth ****ing her. He started to pump more of his cock in mother's mouth. Guess mother was not used with deepthroat. Slowly ramesh pushed his whole 10 inch lund on my moms lovely mouth. His pubic hairs were touching her nose. Mom now really started to struggle as she started to hit him. Ramesh was simply laughing and kept his whole cock on her mouth for some more time. Then he withdarw his whole meat from her throat. It was shinning with my moms saliva. Guess he wanted to give her some breathing space. Again he pulled her face and simply inserted her penis on her mouth. Ramesh now told my mom to use her tounge and told her that it was her time to do all the things. I saw a glimpse of tears on her eyes. Ramesh told her to use her hand and tounge both. Mother had nothing to do but to oblige to this mad man's desire. She started to stroke his penis. His penis was so huge that she had to use both her hands to hold it. Ramesh told her to kiss her cock tip while stroking. So mom kept her lips on top his cock and with each stroke she was giving a small delicate kiss to his cock head. This sensual feeling was ginig ramesh tromendus pleasure. Ramesh told mom to lick her cock like an icecream.Mom started to suck his penis with her tounge. She sucked every inch of his dirty penis. She would suck sideways and took his penis on her mouth to give a deepthroat. Slop slop slop slop was the only music that was going on. After sometime mom stopped sucking and reamined silent. Then ramesh guided his balls to her mouth. His balls had mad a huge round shape because of all the excitement. He told her to take his balls in her mouth and treat them good. My poor mom opened her mouth and took them on her mouth. She sucked on them for 15 good minutes.

Ramesh: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, lovely my bahu. You know how to use your lips. Now enough of the teasing. I am gonna rip you apart now.

Hearing this mom again started to cry and begged her stop all this. Ramesh simply ignord her and made her stand up. He kept his hands on her blouse and again started to feel my moms huge coconuts. Suddenly he inserted his fingers inside the blouse ripped apart the blouse. Mom was not wearing a bra and her breasts jumped out from the blouse cage. My god, they were huge and beautiful. Ramesh was speechless. He was just stunned to see my moms beautiful breast. Soon he was back to reality and stick his head in between them. He started to sweep his face with my moms breasts. He then started his licking again. First he went for her right boob. He opened his mouth and took my moms right nipple and a huge portion of breast into his mouth and with the other hand he was feeling her left boob. He was squeezing it like crazy. He started to chew his nipple. Mom was in pain and plede him not to do that. But mom's cry just spured him on. He began to bite her with more passion. He took her left nipple and was pinching it. ALthough my mom had no desire for this man, her body was reacting very differnetly. This ugly man's touch made her nipple very hard. With each bite , moms breasts seemed to get bigger and bigger. Ramesh was still kissing her breasts like crazy. First he was taking a large portion of breast into his mouth and was biting very roughly. Mom was giving out moans with every bite and it made ramesh laugh. He knew that my mom was in his control fully. He continued his biting. He would kiss and lick the area where he was chewing just before. It was like consoling that breast portion. After sometime he started the same routine with the left boob. biting and chewing while feeling up mom's right boob. My mom had her eyes closed. SHe was totally helpless. Guess she never experienced this kind of love before. Finally, ramesh kisses both her long and hard nipples one more time and paused for a bit.